CV Advice

First of all use a template. You can find templates online and there are a few options on Microsoft Word also. This will save you time and should ensure you add in everything you need.

Contact details

(I know it’s basic but it’s easy to forget and this is the part where you want to make sure everything is spelt correctly!)
1. Full name
2. Email address
3. Contact numbers
4. Links to any websites / portfolios / LinkedIn page may help support your application.

Employment history

Highlight tasks and responsibilities that show your skills and strengths, keep it all in chronological order. It’s important not to overload with information. Highlight your
tasks and responsibilities and any technical skills you used during this time.

Education and Qualifications

Get your dates right and make sure your grades are correct.


Please don’t lie or over exaggerate on your CV. It may not affect you straightaway, but you are likely to get found out during your interview or whilst you’re on probation. This could lead to bad references and it’s a downward spiral from there.


Whilst it’s important to spend time making your CV look good you want to ensure it’s easy to navigate around. Clearly define different sections of your CV (Contact details / Employment history / Qualifications / Technical skills / References).

CV Format

For ease of use for all parties please ensure you save your document as a word.doc or a pdf. If your file doesn’t open when you submit your job application not many companies will spend time getting in touch with you asking you to resend it.


Check your spelling and grammar! Use your spell checker and then read through your CV thoroughly before sending. You could be the perfect person for the job but for some prospective employees, neglecting this might stop you from ever getting a chance to showcase your skills and experience.

Here at Octagon Group we will check your CV carefully and go through your details with you before sending your CV to a prospective employer. We will ensure you get the best opportunity to impress upon the employer of any job you apply for so don’t worry if you do get a couple of things wrong but hopefully these tips will allow you to generate a good-looking CV with all the right info. If you have any questions or would like further advice on writing your CV please email us at or give us a call on 01525 306 225.