Interview Process

We work with hundreds of different clients and everyone of them have a different method and a different format. What we do here at Octagon Group is speak to your interviewers at length, gather information on what the interview format is and what type of questioning you should prepare for. We will make sure you are fully prepared and enter your interview with confidence. Below are some of the more basic tips to follow for any interview you participate in:


When we contact you to arrange an interview we will provide you with information on the company, the job and who you’re meeting. Please take time to read the information thoroughly before your interview.

Dress code

DRESS SMART! You may be walking into an environment that is relatively casual but it’s important to make the right first impression. You only get one.


Always be on time. If you’re late for an interview you’ve made a bad first impression before you’ve said a word. Arrive at your interview 10 – 15minutes before the start. This will allow you to walk into your interview with a relaxed mindset and it will mean you get an opportunity to use the toilets before your interview if necessary! If you are running late please let us or your interviewer know. People are a lot more understanding if you explain the situation.


If we have got to the point where you’re going in for a face-to-face interview it means that you will have some of the necessary skills to be able to do the job. Walk into the interview with confidence. Shake hands and introduce yourself with a positive mental attitude.

Eye contact

This may fall under the category of confidence but it’s important. It’s sometimes difficult to maintain 100% eye contact but looking away nervously can be misconstrued as uninterested.


Interviews can be long and sometimes grueling but listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Always be 100% in the room to allow you to appropriately connect with the interviewer.

Ask questions

I always think it’s a good idea to have two or three questions in your head before the interview. This can be part of your research / preparation before your interview – it leaves a lasting impression with your employers if you ask questions as it makes them feel as though you have a genuine interest in the job / company.

Job offers

It’s very unlikely you’ll be offered a job on the spot as most companies will need to discuss your interview internally. However, you may be asked questions regarding your salary and what you would accept. This can be a tough question to answer on the spot as you need to think about lots of different variables but it’s a good idea to discuss what you’d require with your recruitment consultant prior to the interview so if the question does come up you’ll be well prepared to answer.